"Premio Fondazione di Venezia for Venice Glass Week 2023"
During "The Venice Glass Week" held from September 9 to 17, 2023, Minako Shimonagase's exhibition "Fiori di Vetro - Glass Flowers, Beaded Flowers" at the Mocenigo Museum was awarded the Best Exhibition.
"After inheriting the Venetian Bead Flowers from Giovanna Poggi Marchesi in 2019, Shimonagase expressed gratitude for the support from Italian and Japanese associates. She aims to spread and blossom this wonderful Venetian-origin art globally."
The collaboration with Italian bead flower artist Benedetta Gaggia also garnered attention during the event.
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Bead flowers are an Italian craft that threads 2 mm glass beads through dedicated colored wire, and tailoring each petal and leaf to its final shape.
Each glass flower is uniquely hand-made with beautiful luster and free design. It is also possible to create three-dimensional bead flowers by combining various techniques.
The beauty and artistry is highly appraised and beaded flowers can be produced for a wide range of life settings from seasonal flowers to wedding bouquets.
The world’s first bouquet made of luminous beads is a must-see.
minako shimonagase
Minako Shimonagase

Encounters beaded flowers in New York in 1989, and begins lessons. Publishes “Kurashi wo Irodoru Bead Flower” in 2004 and portfolio “Candy Garden no Sekai” in 2009. Establishes the Japan Beaded Flowers Association in 2011, and takes the role as chairman. Exhibits works in 2013 Japan Expo in Paris. Recipient of multiple awards such as for the Swarovski’ s Design Contest and the Beads Biennale Awards. The creator of the world’ biggest beaded flower “Cherry Blossom of Hope” with three million beads. A pioneer of beaded flowers in Japan.

flying into the sky
w350 d300 h450
bridal bouquet
w280 d120 h300
spring in full bloom
four seasons of Japan
w350 d300 h450
the world of Swarovski
w300 d300 h300
dance of elegance
dahlia bouquet
w300 d200 h440
blooming in profusion
cherry blossoms
w570 d150 h570
blooming in profusion
w570 d150 h570
w400 d100 h350
Candy Garden Beaded Flowers
Minako Shimonagase
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